Wolves vs Man City LIVE line-ups confirmed as Pep Guardiola makes changes

Wolves vs Man City LIVE line-ups confirmed as Pep Guardiola makes changes : Hello friends, my name is Chirag Suthar, you are watching the latest article of latestfootballupdate.com.

Today’s match is going to start at 5 pm and it will be played between Wolves and Man City, Football match will be played between Wolves and Man City from 5 pm on 17th September at Molyneux Stadium. If you guys want to watch this match live then you stay with our article.

Wolves vs Man City LIVE line-ups confirmed

In this football match between Wolves and Man City, the Man City team is likely to have the upper hand, the Wolves team has a win percentage of 11 in this match and Man City has 72 percent of the win and 17 percent Chances are that this match will be drawn.

Wolves vs Man City LIVE line-ups confirmed

The line-up of both Wolves and Man City has been released. The line-up of both the teams is as follows –

Wolves Line-ups

  1. J. sa
  2. J. Castro
  3. N. Collins
  4. M. Kilman
  5. R. Ait-Nouri
  6. M.Nunes
  7. R. Neves
  8. ]J. Moutinho
  9. Goncalo Guedes
  10. D. Podence
  11. P. Neto

Wolves Substitues Player

  1. B. Traore
  2. H. Hwang
  3. M. Sarkic
  4. Y. Mosquera
  5. N. Semedo
  6. T. Homes
  7. C. Ronan
  8. H. Bueno
  9. C. Campbell

Wolves Manager

B. Lage

Man City Line-ups

  1. J. Grealish
  2. E. Haaland
  3. P. Foden
  4. B. Silva
  5. Rodri
  6. K. De Bruyne
  7. J. Cancelo
  8. M. Akanji
  9. R. Dias
  10. J. Stones
  11. Ederson

Man City Substitues Player

  1. K. Walker
  2. N. Ake
  3. I. Gundogan
  4. S. Ortega
  5. J. Alvarez
  6. S. Gomez
  7. R. Mahrez
  8. S. Carson
  9. C. Palmer

Mancity Manager

Pep Guardiola

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