High-energy Scotland scored three and could have had a few more as they moved to the top of Group B1

High-energy Scotland scored three and could have had a few more as they moved to the top of Group B1 : Scottish coach Steve Clark spoke with Premier Sports. “I’m happy for the players. In the summer they have more problems than anyone. We have a lot of work to do in our lack of preparation. Mostly in lecture halls, on the field, give a lot of information. Give a lot of information. And clear. Basically they take it on the board. Scanning layer looks good, but we still have a lot of work to do as a group. It’s great that we’ve reacted like this but we have a tough game on Saturday so We have to prepare to leave again. If you beat a team with quality Ukraine and it ends comfortably, you should take confidence from that. We know Ireland is a good team to have There is a preparation for the whole week. We will be ready for Saturday.”

High-energy Scotland scored three

Clarke has no other news about Nathan Patterson, who “feels something in his feet”. He also revealed that David Turnbull had a knock on his ankle that would not be cleared in time for Scotland to release troops to recover with Celtic.

Hero of two – Col Lyndon Dickes said: “We want to prove that everyone is wrong and show that we can do better against Ukraine in June. It will give us a lot of self-confidence. One is because the last match No. According to the standard. It should make sure we get three points.” Rehash, there. Even for Stephen Kenny, few words came to live on the walls of the dressing room on Saturday instead of team talk. It will be big!

High-energy Scotland scored three

Stand-in Scottish captain, John McGuin spoke with Premier Sports. “We need it. Summer is too painful for us, and tonight we need to get back to what we do: play against it to show the awful, the corruption, the desires, and tonight we work and work. Ukraine is really a good team, we prove it in summer, but we finish our destination on good time and it’s a big win for us, we know we are a good team and summer Do poorly in the in. We can cause as much as we can. . Round-the-round for my country and club [Aston Villa]. It’s important to make sure we come to Glasgow on Saturday night. We are the top team and Now it’s time to come after we have arrived, start showing it. Do the hospital.

Full-time: Scotland 3-0 Ukraine Whistle rings, and Hampden celebrates it. Scottish Fantastic, especially in the second half. This screenline is not flattering at all. Ukraine were not allowed to play, little retaliation for their World Cup qualifying loss in June. Scotland top Group B1, and next Saturday are the Republic of Ireland. It will be big.

90 min +2: The ball hits McGinn on the edge of D. His vision widens. Volley Time! Unfortunately, she bit him badly. If you’re going to do this, do it when you become three with 60 seconds to play.

90 min +1: Malinowski is ordered to scream in frustration at Mateomini.

90 minutes: There will be three additional minutes. The tartan army is now caught in the hail.

89 min: Scottish Flowers is currently being broadcast well. “Looking at the Shiningum Bondar Khalnayak first, it is only true that the initial purpose of Scotland was made from its number 007.” Name is oh. Peter Oh.

88 min: Another angle to the left. Could Fraser and Dykes join in for an eight-minute triptych? insufficient. Trubin cleaned the box. Fraser allows and cuts from the left before being reduced fast in the left shot.

Destination! Scotland 3-0 Ukraine (Dicks 87)
the other angle to the left. Fraser and Dix repeat the steps. It is almost a copy of the second carbon of Scottish. Dix hangs high to defeat Dynato and plant the other plants on the lower right. Almost slow! Skang isn’t flattering in all of Scotland.

82 min: Ukraine tries to respond but is not in the tank. Sidorchuk was ordered to pull back Dykes, moving near the middle circle.

Destination! Scotland 2-0 Ukraine (Dix 80)

Fraser in the left corner of the six yard box, turns the corner to the Dykes. He took a Milinovsky millin and placed the header in the lower right. The alternative doesn’t waste time copying Scottish advantage!

76 min: Ukraine absolutely cannot deal with the Scottish press. They struggled to get out of their last third. Adams could not take a shot when it was right in the box on the left; McGinn then took a speculative shot from a distance that changed shape in the corner to the left. The set piece for Armstrong is played on the back up wing, crossing long for McKenna. The defender runs without danger from a distance of six yards.

62 min: Hickey slips the ball superbly down the right wing for Armstrong, who could have entered the box and shot – probably still thinking about it that was missing a few minutes earlier, especially reduce someone. But the ball returns to the pinball, which pushes down to the right. The shot was a handicap a wide inch from the target. corner.

38 min: Matomin intercepts McGinn on the right side of Ukraine D and slips. He tried the film Le Tesseres, swimming and volleyball, but the Southampton man at the time took things like this too easy. goal kick.

39 minutes: The daughter reaches a spot that is less than tight on the left. Gordon uses both fists clearly without an inappropriate style. This could be Ukraine’s first shot on target, or at least on target.

41 min: Scotland pin Ukraine again without seriously threatening the goal. Some good mastery, but when Adams has half a chance to spin and shoot, he failed to control and ask for a chance.

43 min: McMummin, D’s right, slips down the diagonal track to Jalan Christie, entering the box under the channel on the left. Christie allows the ball to roll under his feet, and Scotland’s other good move enters the final third.

44 min: Armstrong, Adams and Christie Ukraine come to each other on the edge of the box. Visitors do not need to defend the position, as the hosts are very closely tied together, effectively dubbing themselves.

45 min: Adams steals the matviko ball in the middle of the park and drops it near the body. When he began to follow her with full force, arms and shoulders were examined by Bondar under his chin. It’s just pale, silly, even if the defender isn’t the last person. It was very under-diagnosed, and very aggressive to boot. It should be red.

46 min: Ukraine makes it back. There are multiple pantomime pelters for Valerie Bondar every time he touches the ball. It is expected that this will be the second half soundtrack. The Tartan army is outraged.

48 min: Under pressure near Gordon, a good touch and a turn from Hickey, removing Scotland of problems. He has been seen fast since arriving at Patterson, turning the ball off a staple on a flight towards the end of the first half.

52 min: Gordon ran to get out of the area under pressure from Yarmako, who tore in the middle. Mudrik came out to Ukraine, trying to make it back from the far end of the round. There is no security on the internet, but the ball is wide without danger on the right. Scottish heart in the mouth for another split.

54 min: Scotland once again pressed Ukraine… and once again failed to take the last route their opponents intended. They are decent for the last third. A huge caveat, but there we were.

56 min: McGuin plays a strange bait in the corner to send Tierney on the left. The dreaded cross is cleared with details from Adams’ hide and Ukraine. Yarmolko went down the center of the Dowbek in what seemed like an obvious tear for a moment, only to be rejected with the elephant the last-luxury slide. The flag eventually went uphill, but there was nothing to handle at that extraordinary time.

58 min: The Scottish Press and Ukraine catch the ship. Tieri enters the box from the left and cuts back to Armstrong, who immediately hits his shot at Trubin. The Saints midfielder has a chance tonight.

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