Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score, Predication, H2H and lineups | 21/09/2022 Costa Rican Primera División

Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score : Herediano vs Puntarena match will be played between the two teams on 21st September 2022, both teams are dangerous for each other, the team of Costa Rican Primera División League Herediano is on the points table, then the team of Puntarena is in the 18th place in the points table Looking at the points table, Herediano’s team is ahead of Puntarena, but Puntarena’s team is performing consistently well. In this article you will also get to see the Dream11 Team Prediction for both Herediano vs Puntarena.

Herediano vs Puntarena match between both teams is going to be a blast, it has to be seen which of the two teams wins, if you guys want to watch Herediano vs Puntarena match live, then you should save this page in your browser so that You can watch it enjoy live match with us.

Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score

Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score Live Score

Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score Live Score –

Herediano vs Puntarenas Live Score Pre Match

Herediano vs Puntarenas Both the teams are very strong, however, as much as it is necessary for these two teams in tomorrow’s match, because both these teams are at the bottom of the table points and the rest of the team is ahead of them.

If Herediano vs Puntarenas has to survive in this competition, then this match will have to be as much as possible and also do well in the coming matches so that both these teams remain in the Ligapro series.

There are good players between both the teams, but it has to be seen which team wins the match or draws, the more chances the Herediano team has in this match, because they have the best players.

Herediano vs Puntarenas match between both the teams will start soon stay with us.

Herediano vs Puntarenas The line-up of both the teams will be released in some time.

Herediano vs Puntarenas Lineup

Herediano vs Puntarenas Here is the lineup of both the teams –

Herediano Playing 11

  1. K. G. V. Vargas
  2. G. Torres
  3. J. Brenes
  4. A. Contreras
  5. O. Galo
  6. A. R. Soto Gonzalez
  7. R. J. Rodríguez Osorio
  8. M. Basulto
  9. K. Fuller
  10. A. Salazar
  11. E. Alvarado

Herediano Substitutes

  1. Douglas Andrey López Araya
  2. Bryan Segura
  3. Arturo Campos
  4. Kennedy Rocha Pereira
  5. Gerald Alberto Monge Carrillo
  6. Luis Franco
  7. John Jairo Ruiz

Herediano Team Manager

  • H. Medford

Puntarenas Playing 11

  1. Steven Andrey Williams Barnett
  2. Yoserth Hernández
  3. Jemark Gersinio Hernández Hall
  4. Rodrigo Alonso Garita Valverde
  5. Krisler Jesús Villalobos Chavarría
  6. Asdrúbal Enrique Gibbons Hidalgo
  7. Kevin Enrique Vega Garro
  8. Daniel Alberto Quirós Pérez
  9. Randy Vega Gutiérrez
  10. Anthony William Hernández González
  11. Johnny Delroy Gordon Benwell

Puntarenas Substitutes

  1. Krisler Jesús Villalobos Chavarría
  2. Steven Andrey Williams Barnett
  3. Rodrigo Alonso Garita Valverde
  4. Anthony William Hernández González
  5. Randall Aguinaga
  6. Kevin Sancho
  7. Randall José Cordero Aguilar

Puntarenas Team Manager

  • A. Vargas

Match Result

Herediano vs Puntarenas The score of both the teams was equal, Herediano vs Puntarenas the score was 1-1.

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