Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score, H2H and Lineups, team Predication

Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score : Brentford vs Arsenal The match will be played between the two teams on 18th September, both the teams are dangerous for each other, Arsenal’s team is at 3rd position in the points table, then Brentford’s team is 9th in the points table, so if we Looking through the points table, Arsenal’s team is ahead of Brentford, but Prentford’s team has been doing well continuously.

Win probability

Brentford vs Arsenal The match between both the teams is going to be a blast, it has to be seen which of the two teams wins, if you guys want to watch the Brentford vs Arsenal match live, then you should save this page in your browser so that you can see this Enjoy the match live with us.

Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score

Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score

Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score –

Brentford vs Arsenal Pre Match

  • Brentford have won five of their six home league games against Arsenal (L1), including a 2-0 victory in this exact fixture last term.2
  • Arsenal have won four of their last six meetings with Brentford in all competitions since 1939 (D1 L1), having won just one of their first nine against the Bees between 1902 and 1938 (D3 L5).
  • Brentford have scored 15 goals in their six Premier League games this season, with only Manchester City netting more (20). Their average of 2.5 goals-per-game is almost double their average for last season (1.3 – 48 goals in 38 games).
  • Brentford have lost just one of their last 17 home league London derbies (W13 D3), going down 1-0 against Chelsea in October last season.
  • Arsenal have won five of their last eight away London derby matches in the Premier League (L3), as many as they had in their previous 23 on the road (D9 L9).

Brentford vs Arsenal match between both the teams will start soon stay with us.

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Brentford vs Arsenal Live Score

Brentford vs Arsenal The line-up of both the teams will be released in some time.

Brentford vs Arsenal Line-ups

The line-up of both the teams has been released in the match between Brentford vs Arsenal to be held on September 18, here is the line-up of both the teams –

Brentford Lineup

  1. David Raya
  2. K. Ajer
  3. P. Jansson
  4. B. Mee
  5. A. Hickey
  6. J. Dasilva
  7. V. Janelt
  8. M. Jensen
  9. R. Henry
  10. B. Mbeumo
  11. I. Toney

Arsenal Lineup

  1. G. Jesus
  2. G. Martinelli
  3. F.vieira
  4. B. Saka
  5. G. Xhaka
  6. Thomas
  7. K. Tierney
  8. Gabriel
  9. W. Saliba
  10. B. White
  11. A. Ramsdale

Brentford vs Arsenal Live Match Summary

There are also three changes to Arsenal from their loss to United. Tierney, Vieira, and Partey replace the injured Oleksandr Zinchenko and Martin Odegaard. Lokonga drops to the bench.

William Saliba : GOAL! BRENTFORD 0-1 ARSENAL! Arsenal force a corner down their right. Saka whips in the delivery and Saliba flicks it into the far bottom corner with his head. Raya claws the ball away but it’s already crossed the line!

Gabriel Jesus : GOAL! BRENTFORD 0-2 ARSENAL! Jesus peels away from his marker to nod Xhaka’s gentle left-footed drink into the top left corner. The Brazilian put all his force into that header!

Arsenal aren’t letting up yet. Saka’s free to the right of the box but fires over. Brentford are being overwhelmed by the visitors’ movement.

Mbuemo reaches a deep cross from the left and heads off-target. There’ll be two minutes of time added on at the end of this first half.

A comfortable first half for Arsenal comes to an end. The Gunners were on top throughout the first 45 minutes and took the lead through Saliba from a corner. Jesus made it 2-0 within the half hour with a mighty header. Brentford haven’t been up to much going forward. More to come!

Fábio Vieira : GOAL! BRENTFORD 0-3 ARSENAL! Vieira scores on his first league start for the Gunners! It’s a peach of a goal too, as the Portuguese midfielder controls Saka’s pass inside, looks up, and bends a left-footed curler into the bottom right corner via the post.

Brentford take some time to discuss how to take the free-kick. In the end, Jensen lays it off to Toney, whose effort loops just over the crossbar

Jesus almost grabs his second goal of the game! The Brazilian jinks into the left of the box and tries to beat Raya from a tight angle. Brentford’s goalkeeper blocks the shot and hands Arsenal a corner, which he then easily claims.

Granit Xhaka (YELLOW CARD) :Xhaka’s shown the game’s first yellow card for a tactical foul on Raya.

Ramsdale has his first real save to make, denying Damsgaard who’s slipped into the centre of the box by Baptiste. The Arsenal keeper has had precious little to do.

Gabriel Jesus (Yellow Card) : Jesus charges into Hickey and receives a late booking. Brentford haven’t been able to cope with the Brazilian’s energy.

Brentford vs Arsenal Match Result

Arsenal return to the top of the Premier League! They’ve dispatched their hosts Brentford with a minimum of fuss. Two goals in the first half hour put the Gunners in a commanding position, before Vieira put a gloss on the win with a lovely long-range strike in the second half. Brentford weren’t bad. They just weren’t as good.

Premier League Point Table

ClubMPMatches playedWWinsDDrawsLLossesGFGoals scoredGAGoals againstGDGoal differencePtsPointsLast 5Last 5 matches
Man City752023617172246fe97 64a6 4361 ab0f 8cccc0884a24944181eb 595b 4902 bf77 7bee1818f8538bf87bba 1083 4bbf aca1 d36fb311d7615dfdb1e8 34cc 49e6 a386 152bd39c004e36b17b16 7500 46ac a908 4813653e36d4
Tottenham752018711178e1a30b6 55de 455d a5f2 770f80e777ddd18cd7ed 6e2d 4913 a17e 838a5558dd3617a13b24 b257 45ca bfe6 b717b663cb06d8547aea ba85 42ae aaef 521b11c3559905522b4e 1969 42de a1be 4578a368694f
Arsenal6501147715836b3aef 31bb 4eff 8c5b 877674b42c4e6cb67692 881e 48f8 9c33 f47efa23989537a1fedb 30f9 4f0c 9280 5748bf451f44c65e5078 71b3 41ce 992d 96276e47bd3bbca967ab 5333 4d82 bfb4 65d6693b4799
Brighton641111561338c3f14e 5e58 4f9a aeb6 2c23bb5de38f47e4272a 6b4a 44f1 ad75 a0bc39bce6eab849c2ea f929 4027 9713 e66bae82d29f1cf3245b ee9d 482d 8890 05d31d373413cd00877a a2c1 4943 ae2b 62a4c3dab9cf
Man United6402880120b52065e 940a 4ec2 9196 77cf6f17764f1cf5b45f 2262 43f3 a9c4 2403b68d1551824a9fc7 a190 484e 93e4 6f48ce129b985a84e3b8 411d 406c b5a2 4f9c2d567c40f91ee43f ddc1 487e bb7c 36a2ac9530ac
Fulham73221211111a20a7698 a57d 4018 98b3 a2e2397fd47a6fc467ec c79f 469b 9348 985606d1c3730714276f 23f7 46d1 88b2 7ba441c0dbee283c4f1c 565f 404b 9ffd fc19cc2917686e95138a 7341 4ddd a30d 00bea4285af5
Chelsea631289-1109e020ee0 99d8 469f 8ba8 b9c2e20ed49009d4880c 805d 4f8a 9c5f 80cc64d4f8542c1a1d8a ed1a 40d3 92f4 9fa7f4a41f5a084e40c5 0398 4b11 8fad 5b9238bc0f5b9d028212 3207 487c 9876 3e40c47cb044
Liverpool6231156997253f5bb ecba 4c92 a14d de6c05c5c708b5704710 ebf8 4d78 937d 5271defa5ec368bf920f 8203 455a 9ca0 e0b8ca59b0082107217f 4171 490d bb75 ff2c09ac5b45db71adc8 bba1 4c0a b3b7 73f62d1c376a
Brentford62311596952fa9278 bbc0 47a5 a296 afb11ccace95bef9e4fd 23f2 4e45 8540 875e21066b76c7b2b74e 259d 44a1 a921 60d7ddf94c3d46cd1c90 b7ea 45ca a8ed def3faeea05f6d01e26d d0a7 46c1 ad76 a25397b2e974
Newcastle7151871886642c81 7fa9 4d9d 822d 2d5e980db42259221bf1 c63e 4850 b2f5 b08f6c9e43cbdd33d9d0 c817 4a35 9cca eedf2093ece24e0b0037 91d5 4849 a353 cbe3cff396ba1eed0a04 79d0 48e6 9a9f be993994d1c0
Leeds United622210100848fb9dbf 5e07 4971 b401 2518395b08e1893a0708 8a2e 4f7e 987c 3350282b08f34e82b787 a47a 4c17 9873 8e40075195ac730663bf 79a4 47c8 859c 85135276621935d54e17 7bf4 4af4 a8bc 0f2615375f2d
Bournemouth7223619-13827752db7 391b 470c a8d4 574e673462d8f81d21a9 0a1c 43d7 96c8 64ec76705835fb1b00c5 8438 454c a631 5cd58575ccd0ee528afc 3bb7 4b46 8b1a ec6736aee735fa633f92 c73f 4a5a b64d 687414181438
Southampton7214711-47065d23ee f070 4148 9ff0 0519bb0845d59db00fce a00b 4544 80f9 724720e9e0c57c167291 4519 47b8 bd21 b015eac8699f024c3b1f ee0b 4042 bc6c 61eb9ce31824727418ba 2499 4a60 8928 a10a912d76d0
Aston Villa7214610-4761125705 7a53 43c3 b201 6cf54bf37b897fd348b6 7b74 432f 90ea 44c638afbd74bec85a74 662c 497b 92ff c9611af88a9b599ba8a1 22f4 4398 b61a 1c7d9d38ec2d3f5ec160 0d37 4f4a 943f a67effbe965a
Crystal Palace613279-26d5938b9a c342 4421 a4f7 80ebef9589aef167ed69 64e8 4325 9964 ee74c64a088bf29ece1c ddd7 47f0 877a 5c0fe19c03d9f1e60f72 52bf 4a3b 96cf 20e0e2f37661b96d50b8 9bc4 4b31 8512 44b711f3a427
Wolves713337-4641dd52e9 728f 40d0 8fe3 da76ba87e6397ec57015 a027 40ac b242 5e705f7c99605a5f9cbc 611d 4d30 8aa4 427d90bcedffe407f513 3de2 43f4 bb2b c54df283afcb6aa9d750 97d1 44ae a4a1 4fe95dfff888
Everton604246-249a71ffd4 874d 4d4a 9607 623642c0a96bac8eb318 1e26 408a b264 550399851b07914ed52f 291d 4164 b2c2 1b9c158ba136b028a22f 9ba9 4519 b7b1 93c2c57c01d334165174 47c4 4e30 bd45 9cf44f85f3d4
West Ham611438-54da15d62f 4492 4434 ab24 05280fcf4b63d3212220 2f0d 409a ab48 2f9e16dca2446cad7f06 8ac8 4207 a42c 087bc69f4fbee01947aa 09b6 4501 a23d ea4b6f98b0b134e8350a d6a5 4c4b 900d cc6221dbed4c
Nottm Forest7115617-1141bf7f47d 219b 427c be2f 8812816ed1a9f312f66c 82a1 4f13 bca2 4aebe8e2b4c90504065e cbbc 48c5 948f 63a1ea754910562a5b81 58bb 4f9e 8eb9 d1879e15f61b40e68cdf e3fa 4e13 a049 c0738aecb449
Leicester City70161022-121c890f0c1 c50a 4e26 9e8b 1226953bd633754c8256 adff 4985 826e 69e395cacae8f71ba726 f7fd 4ca9 b717 f50b2765ff8e5247fa77 7e97 46c7 be1f 53d07e67068caa5775bd a621 4ee8 9ae6 4e56a0764524

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